The Functional Beverage Co. is a wholly owned and operated Australian business founded by Garrick Hicks & Meaghan Grace back in 2006. With limited funds but abundant determination they have gradually built a small home based business into a fully mechanized organic beverage manufacturing facility based at their Coldstream factory. The factory was opened in 2012 and welcomes visitors to view the bottling procedure and sample the end result.

Garrick said “we decided to make an attempt at entering the beverage market with a product that was good for you; no added sugar or preservatives, low GI and certified organic! Well we created the right product but entering the beverage market? Well that was an eye opener and like stepping naked into a blizzard right out of a cold shower! But we persevered and here we are ten years later.”

The Functional Beverage Co. range of Certified Organic bottled iced teas are naturally brewed with actual loose leaf tea and infused with real organic juice concentrates and absolutely nothing else. In fact, there is only three ingredients in each flavour! They are ideal for kids and adults alike due to their low sugar content, alkaline properties and refreshing natural flavours.

Their factory, although small, produces up to 10,000 bottles per week supplying Melbourne metropolitan and Australia wide through our distribution partners in each state together with export markets in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Malaysia & South Korea. In fact we are currently served and sold in nearly 50 outlets in Singapore and another 35 in Hong Kong alone!

Their company, Peoplewell P/L also produces the award winning range of certified organic tea under the Yarra Valley Tea Company brand www.yarravalleytea.com.au and is also based at the Coldstream factory.

Meaghan and Garrick invite you to visit them at their factory in Coldstream or one of the many festivals and trade shows they attend locally and globally.